Master Detective March 2021

Master Detective March 2021


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When 15-year-old Illinois schoolgirl Kristina Hickey was murdered in October 1984, there was little evidence to go on but investigators focused in on a teenager with learning difficulties who had dated the victim. Detectives interviewed Christopher Abernathy for more than 40 hours and eventually obtained a confession. He wasn’t the killer, but a miscarriage of justice that would take years to resolve had been set in motion. Read “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” in this issue for the full story.

Tipperary was the setting for another shameful miscarriage of justice when farmer Harry Gleeson went to the gallows for a murder he did not commit. See this issue’s “When An Innocent Man Was Hanged In Ireland”.

Finally, to Scotland – and a grisly case of domestic murder, entitle “Edinburgh’s ‘Head In A Bag’ Horror”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Larissa The Acid Bath Killer

* European Crime Report: “Night Of Terror For Three Teenage Girls,” “Teacher Accused Of Eating His Internet Friend,” “Beauty And The Beast From Belarus,” “‘I Took A Knife And Cut Her Throat’”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Edinburgh’s “Head In A Bag” Horror

* “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”

* The Clue Of The Faded Snapshot

* Killers Released To Kill Again: Released To Kill Again…And Again!

* When An Innocent Man Was Hanged In Ireland

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Bloody Rage Of The Shrewsbury Butcher

* MD Forum: Monster Murdered Father And Daughter – For A Car

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