Master Detective March 2014

Master Detective March 2014


“It was haunting me for twenty years,” the killer admitted.

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Master Detective March: “It was haunting me for twenty years,” the killer admitted. “I have self-harmed because of it. It drove me crazy and I needed to give the family peace of mind and peace of mind for myself as well. I can’t move forward unless this has been said.” To understand how justice was achieved for one young victim, see the report, Fourth Victim For The Sunderland Strangler…

If your surname is Sayers, Savory, Ruddy or Allaway you could have a skeleton in a cupboard that you may not have known about. Turn to Is There A Skeleton In Your Cupboard? for part two of our series this time from Northumberland and County Durham.

He wasn’t really sure how many people he had murdered when he was asked the question in a TV interview. Was it 19 as he regularly claimed? However, Mark “Chopper” Read wasn’t branded Australia’s most dangerous criminal for nothing…

* Sharon’s Deadly Marriages
* Is There A Skeleton In Your Cupboard? Focusing on cases in Northumberland and County Durham
* From self-proclaimed hit-man to bestselling true crime author – The life and crimes of Mark “Chopper” Read
* European Crime Report
* Thirty Years Ago In Crime
* Fourth victim for the Sunderland strangler
* Curious Stories Of Murder: Body In The Well: – A dream that became a living nightmare
* Jailbreak – Part 6: Murder by escaping cons
MD Forum: Did Winnie go to London?
* Viewpoint plus competition and much more inside

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