Master Detective July 2023

Master Detective July 2023


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Jade Janks had a good relationship with her frail stepdad Thomas Merriman – or so it seemed. But a shocking discovery she made on his home computer made her think again and question the time they had spent together over the years. For the full story read “Jade’s Revenge” in this issue.

Allan Menzies was a loner with a history of violence who’d become obsessed with horror films, drinking blood and human sacrifice. One person who had stuck by the 21-year-old from East Lothian was Thomas McKendrick. But Thomas’s loyalty turned out to be a deadly mistake, in a case memorable for one of the most bizarre motives for murder. See “Scotland’s Classic Cases: ‘Vampire’ Killer Thought Blood Would Make Him Immortal”.

Finally, don’t miss a trip back to 1950s New South Wales and the explosive killing of a couple and their baby son. Read this issue’s MD Forum – “All I Wanted To Do Was Make A Noise”

Highlights this issue include:

* Jade’s Revenge
* European Crime Report: “‘Boiled Head In A Box Was Disguised As A Sex Toy,” “A Year Of Marriage Was Just Way Too Much,” “Stan’s Family Murder Plan”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: “Vampire” Killer Thought Blood Would Make Him Immortal
* The Whitechapel Murders: Enter The Ripper, Knife In Hand
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Murdered By The State – For The Love Of A Priest
* Madeline, The Murderess Of Broadway
* Hit-Woman Was Masked Avenger
* Inside The Mind Of Uncle George
* Why Did The Babysitter Murder The Family?
* MD Forum: “All I Wanted To Do Was Make A Noise”

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