Master Detective July 1997


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Nearly 20 years ago Master Detective reported the horrific rape and mutilation of 15-year-old hitch-hiker Mary Vincent. Lawrence Singleton was convicted of kidnapping, rape and attempted murder, and most people thought that was the end of that – except Mary Vincent, of course, who had to come to terms with artifical limbs.

But it was not the end of it. Just eight years later Singleton was let out on parole. People were horrified. Community after community rejected approaches from the Board of Corrections trying to find him a home. In the end the authorities had to resort to cunning – until found out.

Singleton eventually returned to his home town of Tampa, Florida, and in February this year he did what everyone who knew him said he would do when he had been given that second chance to kill…

What’s your view on this modern headline shocker? The American’s have conjured up a term for what went wrong. They call it "junk justice." But is there more to it than that?

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