Master Detective January 2023


There’s a feast of thrilling true crime stories past and present in the first MD of 2023…

Dedicated crime reporter Duncan Webb fraternised with all sorts of people, including killers, in the central London pubs of the 1940s. One such character sharing the bar was a certain Neville Heath…Turn to “Murder Was My Business” part four for a compelling telling of the well-known case of the Ladykiller.

In “One Town…Five Sensational Murder Cases”, the strands of five cases are skilfully drawn together. Don’t miss it!

In “She Plotted Revolution – And Became A Human Bomb”, you’ll meet Evstoliya Rogozinnikova, a brave, idealistic young woman prepared to sacrifice her life in the cause of revolution.

And don’t miss “Burglar Who Stayed For Murder”, the final part of our US Executions: The “Rock ’n’ Roll Years” series.

Highlights this issue include:

* Angel Of Death

* European Crime Report: “‘Strange Fate Of Bulgaria’s Crypto Queen,” “Schoolgirl’s Killer Jailed After 26 Years”

* One Town…Five Sensational Murder Cases…

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Fear In The Glasgow Streets

* US Executions – The “Rock ’n’ Roll Years”: Burglar Who Stayed For Murder

* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: She Plotted Revolution – And Became A Human Bomb

* Murder Was My Business: Part Four

* Life For Senator Linda’s Killer

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