Master Detective January 2021

Master Detective January 2021


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A terrible miscarriage of justice, an appalling bloodbath, a body in a bath, and two Christmas murder stories…just some of the extraordinary cases in this month’s issue. A double-murder at a church in Georgia in 1985 was never properly investigated – and Dennis Perry paid the price by spending more than 20 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Read this issue’s “Dennis Didn’t Kill Anyone…” for the full story.

What had grandmother Micki Davis ever done to deserve the fate handed out to her by killer Rachael Hilyard? To find out read “Off With Her Head”.

Mother and daughter Ana and Teri lived together in a Spanish hillside community. Only one of them, however, would survive the 2020 lockdown… Learn why by reading “European Crime Report – ‘Teri Kept Mum’s Body In The Bath’”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Off With Her Head!

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: When Edinburgh Stalker Turned Slayer

* European Crime Report: “Teri Kept Mum’s Body In The Bath,” “Russian Cop Strangled Trans Lover,” “Rescuer Gets 12 Years,” “Who Was Jennifer Fairgate?”
* Total Recall, Australian Style

* Dennis Didn’t Kill Anyone…

* Killers Released To Kill Again: Killer Caught Before He Could Bury Anna’s Body

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Awful Crimes Of The Last Woman Hanged In Wales

* MD Forum: Christmas Eve Puzzler – Why Kill Kitty On Blackpool Beach?

* When Santa Came To Kill

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