Master Detective January 2015

Master Detective January 2015


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William Edmunds was one of the British killers sentenced to death in the mid-1950s…

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Master Detective January: Eagle-eyed readers will recall that the name of William Edmunds featured in last month’s MD. He was one of the British killers sentenced to death in the mid-1950s, only for his sentence to be commuted to life in prison. Don’t miss our full account of the crime that put him in the dock in MD Forum – “Murder Of The Cat Woman.”

“Diaries Of A Homicidal Maniac” – this month’s One Life Of Crime – tells the tale of Texan Jason Massey, who, like Edmunds but in a much later era, “graduated” from slaying animals to murder. “He’s worse than any nightmare you can imagine,” said the prosecutor. Find out why inside.

The case of Sidney Fox shocked 1930s Britain and is revisited this month. It’s a crime classic, a courtroom drama and one of the best examples of a mother’s misguided loyalty to her son. Don’t miss it – see “The Evidence That Hanged Sidney Fox” and discover a classic.

All this and much more inside…

* The couple who killed to celebrate their wedding
* Three victims for the Soho maniac?
* European Crime Report
* The evidence that hanged Sidney Fox
* Thirty Years Ago In Crime
* Jailbreak – Part 16: “This living on the run is no good for me”
* MD Forum: Murder of the cat woman
* One Life Of Crime: Diaries of a homicidal maniac
* Curious Stories Of Murder: Ireland’s “scrape the beetle” mystery
* PLUS Viewpoint, competition and much more

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