Master Detective January 2007

Master Detective January 2007


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With a single stroke he severed the left breast, lifted it to his mouth and drank the blood. Still not satisfied, he severed the other, lifted it to his mouth and drained it dry.”

Some Victorian penny-dreadful vampire melodrama, perhaps? No. These words come from this issue’s European Crime Report, in which John Sanders reports from north of Stockholm, Sweden, on a chilling modern case. A troubled young man kills his adoptive sisters, tries to kill himself, then proclaims himself both a vampire and a cannibal

The dark spectre of cannibalism – still one of the great taboos – is seen again in a disturbing case from Barrow-in-Furness. Crime writer Matthew Spicer has discovered horrific new details, too ghastly to be reported at the time, surrounding a case of abduction and child-killing. It’s a tragic tale, and not for the faint-hearted, but one that had to be told.

Don’t miss our new series, 120 Were Hanged At Pentonville. Over the coming months we’ll bring you fascinating capsule stories of all 120 who went to the gallows within the walls of this north London landmark. It promises to be the most exhaustive examination of this aspect of UK penal history that anyone has yet attempted. Researcher T.J. Leech has unearthed several rare and unusual pictures relating to the murders, with examples of how court artists, working for the popular newspapers of the time, portrayed the cases. In the coming months you’ll see more and more photographs too – which serves to bring alive once more these forgotten killers and their victims. Be sure to let us know, by writing to Viewpoint what you think of this ground-breaking new series.

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