Master Detective January 1992

Master Detective January 1992


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The Aberdeen Sack Murder
Classic Scottish Trials – Part 1 of a new series. Jeannie and Alexander Donald were arrested for murder on false forensic information. Why did Jeannie spend 10 years in prison?

Shot Dead In A Lift
The Conspiracy Behind The Victim. The grisly sight of a shotgun slaying victim Donald Pierce lying in the lift, his briefcase and a spent shell in the foreground. He had been shot three times, the fatal wound being in the right eye.

Portsmouth Psyco Murders
"She was in the bath. She had her back to me when i went in and i hit her on the head with a sharp part of the chopper several times. She just went down sliding under the water"

Sadistic Killer Tortured The old Man To Death
He was a dangerous man to meet – initially "a really nice guy" – but those who got to know him better quickly found out that he was a sadist who knew no mercy once he’d got going. That is why he now lives on Death Row.

23-Year Manhunt For a Fugitive From Justice!

Two Slain In Motel Bloodbath
James Isom murdered alcoholic Barbara Ann Maher at the motel on May 17th, 1986, by stabbing her repeatedly in the chest. After three trials Isom has also been sentenced to death. And in the latest outrage to hit the motel, Juan Rivas was sentenced to two life terms for the 1989 slayings of Robert Allen Jr. and Wilma Coby in room 117!

16-Year-Old Boy For The Gallows
LaDonna Toscas: Her Christmas trip spelt death…

Soft Drink – Slow Death
Killer had a genius IQ but he couldn’t get away with murder.

Death Sentence For Cult Killer
Five victims for the self-proclaimed Prophet of God.

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