Master Detective February 2022

Master Detective February 2022


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Changing sex must be one of the most courageous decisions a person can make – but one of the most dangerous, too. Transgender men and women are today widely accepted. However, figures show that in the US, the transgender community remains extremely vulnerable to verbal and physical abuse – and murder. “Born A Man…Murdered As A Woman”, in this issue, highlights the cases of three transgender women whose lives were brutally cut short. Sadly, too many others have suffered the same fate.

He was the ground-breaking, openly gay politician whose life was taken by assassination in 1978. Don’t miss the extraordinary story of Harvey Milk in this month’s MD Forum: “Mayhem At City Hall As Ex-Cop Shoots Mayor Dead”

Highlights this issue include:

* Scheming Dad Decapitated Son To Hide His Own Shame

* European Crime Report: “Solved! Paris Mystery Of The Pock-Marked Serial Slayer,” “First Woman Mafia Boss Arrested,” “Strangled By A Friend Who Wanted Sex”

* Hanged At Strangeways

* MD Forum: Mayhem At City Hall As Ex-Cop Shoots Mayor Dead

* “Tell Him To Come And See What He Has Done To Me”

* Tragedy On The Carrowroe Road

* Women On The Gallows: Triple-Killer Mary Went Screaming To The Gallows

* Last Wife-Killer Hanged In Britain

* Born A Man…Murdered As A Woman

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