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February 14th, 1920, promised to be a wonderful day. It was the birthday of Mrs. Eliza Wolfenden, and she was having an afternoon party at her terraced house in Edge Lane Road, The street was alive with children playing. But 10 doors away Eliza’s seven year old daughter was being raped in a neighbour’s cellar. While Eliza was receiving compliments on her youthful looks and wishes for many happy returns, Ivy’s head was being battered by a man who hadn’t been invited. ‘Oldham’s Birthday Party Murder’ is a horrifying case of maniacal and unnatural lust which plunged an entire neighbourhood into despair.

When you read the Newcastle story of a man going berserk and terrorising five unarmed women and a newborn baby, and finally turning the gun on himself – you may be forgiven for thinking that there is something drastically wrong with the male of the species. Self indulgence and criminal irresponsibility seems to sum them up? Well read on. The Ma Barker Saga tells the story of a woman who became the scourge of America. She took to murdering as easily as most women take to baking cakes – and master-minded more robberies and killings than most male hoodlums would dare comtemplate. This is the first of three instalments of her story – and will change your mind about what females are capable of…

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