Master Detective December 2022

Master Detective December 2022


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The axe-murders of retired farmer Fred Maltby and bookmaker Joe Rylatt in Lincoln in 1991 seemed to be linked. They happened within months of each other and were equally brutal, but who was the killer? There was little by way of clues, but what was that paint on the head and hand of victim Mr. Rylatt? Last month’s “Forensic Secrets Of The Days Before DNA” showed the extraordinary detective work of yesteryear. This issue’s “How Brilliant Sleuthing Solved Two Axe-Murders” is the perfect follow-up. Don’t miss it!

King George II of Greece was planning to move into a London property. But a murder was about to overtake events. Read this month’s “MD Forum – Murder In The Royal House”.

Finally, don’t miss a meeting with cruel poisoner Daisy de Melker in a story we call “A Woman On A Path To The Gallows”.

Highlights this issue include:

* 40 Years To Catch Worcester’s Wife-Killing Pig Farmer

* European Crime Report: “‘Why Don’t You Die?’ – Teenager Cooked Parents A Lethal Plate Of Pasta,” “Student Skinned Alive To Make A Body Suit,” “A Dog Barked – And Pistol-Popping Mama, 71, Went Berserk,” “Beaten To Death By Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: “If I Ever Go Missing, Dig Up The Garden”

* Murder Was My Business – Part Three: A Woman Overwhelmed

* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: A Woman On A Path To The Gallows

* How Brilliant Sleuthing Solved Two Axe-Murders

* US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years”: Butchered Corpse Found In The Arizona Desert

* MD Forum: Murder In The Royal House

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