Master Detective December 2021


Michael Johnson may not be the UK’s most infamous or remarkable killer, yet he has, nevertheless, a unique and undesired place in the annals of British criminal history. On Boxing Day evening, 1868, the then-19-year-old stabbed an innocent barman to death at a pub in Salford – and in March 1869, having subsequently been convicted of murder, Johnson became the first person to be hanged at Manchester’s recently built Strangeways Prison. The prolific William Calcraft did the honours.

Johnson’s story, told in greater detail later, is one of 100 cases MD will be bringing you over the next 10 months in our new series, starting this month: “Hanged At Strangeways”. Don’t miss it.

Highlights this issue include:

* Horror In The House Of Gucci

* European Crime Report: “Lure Of Nazi Gold Drove Brother-In-Law To Slaughter Family,” “Stalker Stabs Girl, 19, In 60 m.p.h. Highway Chase,” “The Man At The Children’s Playground,” “Killer Said, ‘I’m Going To Make You Disappear’”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Brave Mum Murdered By Paedophiles

* New Series: Hanged At Strangeways

* Police Sergeant Dies At Hands Of Deserter, 18

* Women On The Gallows: Five Words That Hanged Emily And Her Lover

* “I Threw Classmate Sarah Off New Jersey Bridge”

* MD Forum: Massacre At Maamtrasna

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