Master Detective December 2008

Master Detective December 2008


We have good reason to believe the killer or killers are local and we feel the crime will be solved with the help of townspeople

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Highlights of this issue:

“We have good reason to believe the killer or killers are local and we feel the crime will be solved with the help of townspeople,” said the detective leading the hunt after the battered bodies of two drinking buddies were found in a small terraced house in Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, in 1972. But the officer couldn’t have been more wrong. The Mystery Of Rifle Green is this month’s unsolved murder.

Fingerprint evidence proved to be a major breakthrough in crime detection. But so did ballistics tests. See this issue’s MD Forum for the case that helped establish forensic ballistics as a science.

Nancy Jewett and Peter Hommerson never knew each other, but they were both in dire straits financially and both employed remarkably similar solutions to their monetary problems. Read Liar, Liar…House On Fire and you’ll see exactly what we mean…

Detailed contents of Master Detective magazine, December 2008

DESPERATE PLEA AS THE “BLACK SHADOW” DESCENDED: “It is difficult to explain this frenzied attack if it was not caused by the black shadow that prevailed on him”

LIAR, LIAR…HOUSE ON FIRE: She was a Colorado housewife, he an Illinois glass engraver. Each was desperately short of money and would stop at nothing to solve their problem

UNSOLVED MURDERS PART 9: THE MYSTERY OF RIFLE GREEN: “This will live with me until the day I die. I can’t rest until I know who killed my father”


COUPLES WHO KILL PART 5: WHEN BETTY WANTED TO BE A “GUN-MOLL”: He was so unlike the dull, lascivious men she met in her day-to-day life; he was a gangster and she found that thrilling and romantic

THE SEAHAM HARBOUR MURDER: John Bowes was many things; bad-tempered, violent, work-shy and a drunkard. And he definitely wasn’t a good husband


ONE LIFE OF CRIME: A TRAIL OF HEADLESS BODIES: Emotionally brutalised by his mother, the hulking killer longed to be a policeman

EUROPEAN CRIME REPORT: More cases from the near Continent

AL CAPONE ON THE SPOT: Part 3 of our series written in 1931 by a Chicago newspaperman

WANDSWORTH’S DAYS OF HANGING PART 8: The true stories behind the south London prison’s 135 executions.


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