Master Detective August 2021


Joe O’Reilly thought he’d carried out the perfect murder. His planning had been thorough; the execution of the killing brutal and calculated. And such was his confidence in his own abilities, he even went on TV in Ireland to convince the public of his innocence. But in the end justice would catch up with the brutal wife-killer… Read “How He Became The Most Hated Man In Ireland” for the full story.

O’Reilly’s case is one of three Irish cases featured in this month’s issue. For more dark deeds from the emerald isle, see “Kilclare’s Strange Tale Of The Corpse That Raised Its Arm” and “Two Irish Sisters Hanged In Public”.

And don’t miss “European Crime Report” this issue for the final chapter in the terrible story of French serial killer Michel Fourniret.

Highlights this issue include:

* Solved: Mystery Of The Boy Under The Billboard

* European Crime Report: “Death Of An Ogre,” “Judge Who Hired Hit-Man Gets 15 Years,” “Escort, 22, Murdered Banker During Sex Game,” “Just When They Thought They Were Safe…”

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Kilclare’s Strange Tale Of The Corpse That Raised Its Arm

* How He Became “The Most Hated Man In Ireland”

* Mary-Ann Found Dying Behind Her Shop Door

* “I’ve Felt Better Since I Killed Him”

* Women On The Gallows: Two Irish Sisters Hanged In Public

* The Last Triple Execution In Britain

* MD Forum: Steroid Rage Or Cold-Blooded Murder?

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