Master Detective April 2023

Master Detective April 2023


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Jack Kerouac was a hero of America’s Beat Generation, that group of intellectuals who opted out of conventional society. Less well known is the fact that the author of On The Road was a material witness to a murder he had failed to report which had been committed by his friend Lucien Carr. As our case report (“MD Forum: Madness and Murder Among The Beat Generation”) shows, the events leading up to the killing were, perhaps, as bizarre as anything that happened in the Beat Generation’s history.

Her fate was to be the first woman to be executed in Austria in 60 years. Did Martha Marek deserve it? Judge for yourself…See “Martha The Poison Queen” for the full story.

Finally, sometimes getting back with an ex can have deadly consequences. Don’t believe it? Read “Husband Texted He Would Kill Sharlene”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Why Jemma Beheaded Her Friend

* European Crime Report: “Nellie And Sidney – An Iberian Bonnie And Clyde,” “Soccer Star Was A Deadly Stalker,” “Sinister Deaths In A Holiday Hotel”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Husband Texted He Would Kill Sharlene

* MD Forum: Madness And Murder Among The Beat Generation

* Death Sentence For Evelyn The Family-Killer

* Murder Was My Business: “I Meet A Killer On The Underground”

* How Cathy’s Axe-Killer Was Nailed – After 40 Years

* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Martha The Poison Queen

* Peckham’s Bizarre “Murder By Mistake”

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