Master Detective April 2021

Master Detective April 2021


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She was already a killer when she came to London from her native Cyprus to live with her son Stavros and his wife Hella, the mother of their three children. But Styllou Christofi would never return home – and her fate was to become the second-to-last woman to be executed in Britain. Her case is the first in a new series starting this month, “Women On The Gallows”.

“MD Forum – Victims Of The Hollywood Bondage Murderer” takes us to the California of the 1950s for a double-length story investigating the evil deeds of photographer and sex-killer Harvey Glatman.

Finally, “Scotland’s Classic Cases – The Pied Piper’s Trail Of Horror”… This infamous and shocking case, concerning the murder of a teenage girl, raised questions about the duty of police and social services.

Highlights this issue include:

* 38 Years In Prison – For A Crime He Didn’t Commit

* European Crime Report: “Perfect Marriage Had A Fatal Flaw,” “Anna, 21, ‘Cut Out Her Living Mum’s Heart’” “Down-And-Out Strangled 26 Old Ladies,” “Two Bodies Found In Hunt For Missing Woman”

* New Series – Women On The Gallows: The Mother-In-Law From Hell

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: The Pied Piper’s Trail Of Horror

* Murder For A Horse

* MD Forum: Victims Of The Hollywood Bondage Murderer

* A Golden Age…For Murder: “I Told Her I’d Cut Her Head Off”

* Mystery Death At The Red Lion

* Who Put Becky’s Body In The Boot?

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