Master Detective April 1998


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Whatever happended to justice? After reading ‘How To Get Away With Murder – for Real’ you may well ask. There were gasps of astonishment in the packed courtroom when Russell Swart stood in the witness box and confessed to strangling pretty Julie Everson. But the best was yet to come. Having dropped his bombshell. Swart was allowed to walk out of the court as free as a bird! This sesational case shocked all America, leaving the victim’s family despairing of justice!

Three weeks after 17 year-old Amny Billig went missing the phone calls began – and with chilling dedication they continued for the next 21 years! Now, only people who have had a child listed as missing can know what it is like. And even then they could not imagine the ordeal of Amy’s mother Suzy, who even journeyed to London to follow up one lead first-hand.

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