Blood & Volume : Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia

Blood & Volume : Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia


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Inside New York’s Israeli mafia

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In the 1980’s a group of Israelis set up one of the most lucrative crime syndicates in New York City’s history. The gang, whose rackets ranged from drug dealing to contract killing, were dubbed the “Israeli Mafia” by the tabloids. They butted heads with the Italian Mafia, killed Russian gangsters and pulled off the biggest gold heist in the history of NYC’s Diamond District.

Ron Gonen, a successful cocaine dealer, wanted to end his life as a career criminal and focus on caring for his wife and infant daughter. Johnny Attias, a cold-blooded killer and head of the Israeli mob, had other plans. The message he sent Ron was clear: join the Israeli Mafia or become one of its victims.

Gonen’s unlikely way out came when he was arrested for selling cocaine. But the choice was hard: to insure his own freedom and save his own life, Ron had to turn on his friends and risk his life in an attempt to help the government build its case that would bring down the Israeli mafia.


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