Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil


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This is the story of a horrific crime that shocked and baffled a nation.

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This is the story of a horrific crime that shocked and baffled a nation. When Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman disappeared in August 2002, there followed the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, which attracted unprecedented amounts of media coverage. As each day passed, the agony of the girls’ friends and families increased as it became more and more unlikely that Holly and Jessica were alive.

Throughout all of this, Ian Huntley stood on the sidelines, knowing that the fate of the girls had already been sealed and that they had been murdered. So callous was he that he even feigned concern for their safety. The trial was closely watched as the nation prayed that justice would be served.

Huntley’s admission from prison that he lied about how one of the girls died has drawn the public’s attention to the case once more. Questions are raised as to how much more of the truth this man has concealed and for how much longer he will make the families of the victims suffer before he discloses what really happened that tragic day.

Written by a reporter who interviewed the couple and witnessed the murder hunt, this book tells the full story of the caretaker who killed and the teaching assistant who tried to sheild him from justice. It examines in detail how Huntley came to inflict on the Wells and Chapman families what is, without doubt, every parent’s worst nightmare.


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