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    The story of David Smith, chief prosecution witness in the Moors Murders Case


  • Women on Death Row

    Detailed and factual accounts of women executed for their crimes, plus full-length stories of those on Death Row today – waiting to die! By Mike James.


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  • Women On Death Row 2

    This brand-new sequel to True Crime Library¹s riveting bestseller Women on Death Row tells the astonishing stories of the women executed in America since our first volume was published ­ plus a great deal more


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    Women Who Kill

    Why does a young woman lure teenagers into her car then participate in their horrific rape


  • Worcestershire Murders

    "Worcestershire Murders" brings together numerous murderous tales, some which were little known outside the county, and others which made national headlines.


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  • Yorkshire Ripper – The Secret Murders

    The true story of how Peter Sutcliffe’s terrible reign of terror claimed at least twenty-two more lives


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