True Crime

What Kind Of Father Could Do This?

Armenian-born Aramazd Andressian was lying semi-conscious 30ft from his petrol-soaked BMW when LAPD officers found him in South Pasadena...  After the trip to Disneyland on April 15th, 2017, Andressian said, he drove to the lake and smothered his five-year-old son Piqui on the back seat of the BMW with a sweatshirt he’d left in the

“If Anyone Deserves The Death Penalty, It’s Him”

When a man walked into a police station in North Carolina and said there was a body in his home, the truth was more horrifying and shocking than anyone could have imagined... According to the autopsy report from the medical examiner, 15-year-old Zaria Burgess died as the result of a sharp force injury to her

Ice Picks, Diamonds, Vice…And Death

The brutal rise and even more brutal fall of Tony “the Ant” Spilotro, who crawled his way from the Italian ghetto of Chicago and arrived in Las Vegas at the beginning of May, 1971. He immediately hooked up with his lifelong pal Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal who helped him and his family to get settled. Rosenthal

When Vet Wendi Put Her Husband Down

Sergeant Mike Severance was outside parking their pick-up when his wife of five months Dr. Wendi Mae Davidson went in and poured him a beer. He was still outside when she dropped five veterinary Phenobarbital pills into the drink. This is a highly soluble drug and would not spoil the taste of the beer. Nor

Meet The Wicked Sisters Of Le Mans

“I somehow sensed that they were about to attack us. Then as Mademoiselle Lancelin flung herself at me I jumped first and literally scratched her eyes out. Then Léa jumped on Madame Lancelin and scratched at her eyes in the same way. They crouched, begging for mercy, but I rushed down to the kitchen to

Life Behind Bars For The Schoolboy Poisoner

In boyhood Graham Young developed an unhealthy interest in toxicology and Nazism – and friends and family paid the price. Broadmoor failed to rehabilitate him and the workplace provided the opportunity for further poisonings... By the age of 14, Young was also making explosives in his garden shed, and still doodling the swastika and skull

“Murder Mom…Dismember Dad”

Fifty-year-old Bart and 53-year-old Krista Halderson had been missing for a week. On July 8th, officials in Cottage Grove, a rural area near the Haldersons’ home, found Bart’s dismembered remains. The Dane County medical examiner listed the cause of death as “homicidal violence including firearm injury.” There was no sign of Krista. Their son Chandler

Snuff Movie Fan Became A Chainsaw Killer

Police seized hundreds of DVDs and videos, some showing dismemberment, from the home of wannabe film producer Edward Simmons. The suspicion was that he’d produced a real-life murder – but there wasn’t even a body as evidence... Thirty-four-year-old Simmons went ballistic when his girlfriend told him she had been raped by his best pal, Alex Brown.

Slaying Of A Special Constable

A sickening trail of crimson footprints marked the final steps of special constable Nisha Patel-Nasri, who bled to death in her pyjamas after being stabbed in the groin outside her north London home at midnight on May 11th, 2006 – her third wedding anniversary. Huge bloodstains at either end of the trail showed how she

Shocking Crimes Of The Beast Of The Bastille

“When I got up that morning I knew I was going to kill someone before the day was over," said Guy Georges in his police statement. "I had known this kind of feeling before. I took my knife and some tape. I saw this pretty blonde girl while I was having a drink. I paid

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