Death and the Camden Ripper

In the early hours of December 30th, 2002, a tramp rummaging for food in a wheelie-bin near Anthony Hardy’s College Place flat in north London found bin bags containing a woman’s legs and the upper torso of another woman. The legs were later found to have belonged to Elizabeth Valad, 29, and the torso to

Womb Raider – Why Lisa Had To Pay For Her Crime With Her Life

Lisa Montgomery’s grip on reality was increasingly fragile and her ex-husband used this to threaten a custody battle for the children. She’d been sterilised after the birth of her fourth baby, but fantasised repeatedly that she was pregnant again. On December 16th, 2004, at the age of 36, she drove from her home in Kansas

Why Marjorie Had Her Husband Murdered

But for one thing the cause of Leslie Hutchinson’s violent death might have been attributed to a motorcycle accident. His motorbike lay in the road near his body and he had head injuries, as you would expect. But he also had a belt wrapped tightly twice round his neck, and it was buckled. He was

Murder, manslaughter…or self-defence?

After the rape, when Brittany was satisfied that Todd Smith (no relation) had calmed down and wasn’t paying attention, she texted her mother about what had happened and asked her brother Chris to come back over. When he arrived, he took his gun from the glove compartment of his car to use as a warning,

“I Lost My Head, And Then He Lost His…”

Like most owners and their dogs, Joe Rogers and his black Labrador, Buster, would go for a long walk together every day, rain or shine. A favourite route of theirs was to follow the banks of the Merrimack River in Massachusetts for a few miles, while Buster chased a ball or sniffed out sticks to

Gangster’s Wife Was Murderous Mastermind

Kathryn "Kit" Kelly scoured the newspapers’ society pages in search of another wealthy victim. She settled on Charles Urschel, recently married to Berenice Slick, the widow of an oil magnate. Their marriage had made them the wealthiest couple in Oklahoma City. Under Kathryn’s instructions her husband – George "Machine Gun" Kelly – and Bates crept

Murdered In The Manor

The police received the emergency call to attend the house at Titcius Road at around 5.30 p.m. on the evening of November 9th, 2015. Officers rushed to the sprawling, 300-acre property worth millions of dollars in one of the most exclusive areas of New York state, and entered the huge, colonial-style, white pillared house. There,

The Cruel Casanova Who Liked To Inflict Pain – And Then Death

The dead woman’s face was frozen in fear. There was a bruise on her cheek, and her head was all that was visible until detectives pulled back the bedclothes to reveal her nude, mutilated body.  The manageress of the Pembridge Court Hotel, in London’s Notting Hill Gate, had called the police shortly after 2 p.m.

How Schoolgirl Sharon became England’s Youngest Murderer

Detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure – the juvenile equivalent of an indefinite sentence – Sharon Carr arrived at Bullwood Hall in Essex, a young offenders’ institute. It was here that she began to boast for the first time of having killed Katie Rackliff who had been stabbed 29 times after leaving a nightclub in Camberley,

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