When a man walked into a police station in North Carolina and said there was a body in his home, the truth was more horrifying and shocking than anyone could have imagined…

According to the autopsy report from the medical examiner, 15-year-old Zaria Burgess died as the result of a sharp force injury to her neck. She had multiple bruises all over her body after she’d been tortured and sexually assaulted multiple times.

The killer had raped her, stabbed her in several places on her body and slit her throat so deeply it had completely severed the carotid artery.

And the pattern of bruises, as well as the way some were clearly fresher than others, showed that she’d been tortured for almost a full day.

Yet the most shocking fact of all came from the DNA taken from the semen found in her body after the sexual assaults.

It matched her own. So the only person who could have treated her in such a horrifyingly inhumane manner was Joshua Burgess.

Her own father…