Jodi: Torrid Sex And A “Psycho” Bloodbath

Jodi’s boyfriend wanted her to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood for a sex session. But when he got tired of her she flew into a jealous rage and shot him, stabbed him and slit his throat... They met for the first time at a conference in Las Vegas in September 2006. He was

“I’m A Good Guy – I Just Happen To Be A Mass Murderer”

After fleeing to Panama with his girlfriend Laura Reese to escape US justice, ruthless William Holbert hatched a deadly plan to achieve the luxury lifestyle enjoyed by the country’s most affluent expats. After killing five he had managed it – but then the authorities caught up with him... They were extradited back to Panama City

How He Became “The Most Hated Man In Ireland”

Joe O’Reilly thought he’d carried out the perfect murder. His planning had been thorough; the execution of the killing brutal and calculated. He began by researching the effects of various types of head injuries. How DNA and bloodstains are often the downfall of murderers. And in the following weeks he plotted what he thought was

Breakthrough! First Killer Caught By Identikit

The newspaper headlines were colourful. “DEATH AMID THE JU-JU MASKS” said one. Subsequent reports explored the possibility of an Oriental curse.The murder victim was 59-year-old Mrs. Elsie May Batten, a well-known art critic and wife of the sculptor Mark Batten. The couple’s close friends included 72-year-old Louis Meier and Marie Grey, proprietors of Louis Meier’s

Guarding The Enemies Of The Krays

On the way to the Old Bailey I kept him talking, not giving him the chance to dwell on the ordeal ahead. I bought him a double brandy and gave him one final tip. “Don’t look at the faces in the dock,” I said. “Just look at the jury when you answer counsel...and keep thinking

Now How Many Victims For The World’s Most Evil Couple?

Mary Bastholm was last seen alive in January 1968. Aged 15, she may have been the first of many unfortunate souls to fall prey to serial killer Fred West. For decades her disappearance has been tacitly assumed to be the work of West, but with no real evidence that seemed to be the end of

Father And Son Sentenced To Death For Bank Bomb Plot

The story of the bomb at the bank was told to a court in Salem, Oregon, in December 2010, when a businessman father and his son were accused of plotting to blow up and rob the bank because they were short of cash. Bruce Turnidge, 59, and his son Joshua, 34, faced an 18-count criminal

Madman Went To London To Kill The Queen

When Ronald Dixon set out from Heaton, Newcastle, to make his way to London he had one object in mind. That was to break into Buckingham Palace, kill the Queen, and take her place on the throne. For Dixon had convinced himself that he was the true king of England. “I am King Ron,” he

Alice’s Head Was All But Severed

Mrs. Skinner was worried. The young couple who lived next door weren’t answering. She’d been trying to make sure they were up, because they were supposed be leaving for Worcester on the 10.40 a.m. train. More to the point, the two were due to be evicted today, so they had no choice about leaving the

Killer Clown Gacy Claimed 33 Victims

Within hours of committing some of his 33 murders, America’s most notorious serial killer would dress up as Pogo the Clown and entertain children. But on May 10th, 1994, it was somebody else’s turn to play the John Wayne Gacy’s execution. Mockingly, revellers painted their faces and donned clowns’ attire as they partied outside

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