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Strathclyde Cop Slain By Family Of Killers

Doing his duty came naturally to veteran officer Ross Hunt. He’d served his community with distinction for 29 years, but his desire to continue in his detective sergeant role for an extra year would prove a fatal mistake... Suddenly, young Hugh Murray broke away and sprinted into the kitchen of the house. Seconds later, he

Ice Picks, Diamonds, Vice…And Death

The brutal rise and even more brutal fall of Tony “the Ant” Spilotro, who crawled his way from the Italian ghetto of Chicago and arrived in Las Vegas at the beginning of May, 1971. He immediately hooked up with his lifelong pal Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal who helped him and his family to get settled. Rosenthal

“He’s A Good Boy At Heart”

In a narrow hallway upstairs he found the body of a woman... The first policemen on the scene thought she’d been decapitated, but her head hadn’t been cut off so much as beaten to pieces. Blood and gore dripped from the walls and ceiling, spilling through the bedroom doors on either side. One of the

“I’m Beginning To Need My Own Private Cemetery”

It was shortly after 12 p.m. on a pleasant Wednesday in April 1934, and the man calling the office of Sheriff E. F. Cooper of San Diego County, California, gave his name as Martinez. He said he had gone with friends to the Black Mountain picnic area, and their outing had been ruined by a

Killer’s Life In The House Of Rotting Corpses

Anthony Todt, 46, was a sports massage therapist who ran a couple of clinics back in his hometown of Colchester, Connecticut. He was married to his childhood sweetheart, stay-at-home mom Megan, 42, and they were parents of three children: Alec, 13, Tyler, 11, and Zoe, four. Their Labrador Breezy was of course an integral part

When Vet Wendi Put Her Husband Down

Sergeant Mike Severance was outside parking their pick-up when his wife of five months Dr. Wendi Mae Davidson went in and poured him a beer. He was still outside when she dropped five veterinary Phenobarbital pills into the drink. This is a highly soluble drug and would not spoil the taste of the beer. Nor

Nora’s Revenge Cost Her Dear

Nora Parham was furious. She had every right to be, too. Her live-in lover, a policeman named Ketchell Trapp, had just beaten her up with a stick, not for the first time that week. Now he was coming back at her, stick raised again, a mouth full of threats. “I had a petrol iron in

54 Victims On His List – His Wife was Just the First

Clad only in nightclothes, Gail lay across the bed. Blood seeped from a hole in her forehead and dripped down onto her negligee. More blood had spattered onto the sheets and bedside table, where Gail’s reading glasses lay beside an open book. Momentarily stunned, the two officers stood motionless over the victim. Then one of

Mary: “Sawing Him Up Was The Hard Part”

“My temper got the best of me. I picked up a claw hammer which was in the kitchen and struck him in the head with it. He fell to the floor. I just could not call the police and turn myself in. The only way I could handle the body was the way I did

Meet The Wicked Sisters Of Le Mans

“I somehow sensed that they were about to attack us. Then as Mademoiselle Lancelin flung herself at me I jumped first and literally scratched her eyes out. Then Léa jumped on Madame Lancelin and scratched at her eyes in the same way. They crouched, begging for mercy, but I rushed down to the kitchen to

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