The mill hand, his wife and child were having a wonderful day out, spending huge sums of money at the fair, buying at the shops, enjoying themselves as if there were no tomorrow. Someone who saw them, remembering that the mill manager and his wife had been shot dead the previous day, and £1,000 stolen from the safe, put two and two together and told the police.

But at the end of his grand day out, the mill hand, William Fiori, 29, went to the police of his own free will and confessed to killing the boss, John Gabolinsey, and his wife Marie at their home in Minginui, New Zealand.

At his trial he unsuccessfully pleaded insanity. He was hanged at Auckland Prison at 8.35 p.m. on Thursday, March 13th, 1952, while the other inmates were watching a film. This was the first execution in New Zealand for 17 years. Two months later Mrs. June Fiori was sentenced to four years for spending some of the money knowing it to have been stolen.