Ada Gubb became a full-time prostitute in Plaistow, east London, when she was only 14. Six years later, in May 1900, she married her pimp, William Burrett, who was then 29 and had been living with her since she began her career as a street worker.

However, Ada the wife was a changed woman from Ada the lover. Although she continued to work as a prostitute for her husband, she told him, “It’s about time you got a proper job. If you don’t do something about it, I’m giving up on the game.”

Burrett went berserk. He stabbed her repeatedly, and so viciously that he disembowelled her. Her death shrieks brought neighbours running, but they were too late to save her. She died in hospital that same evening.

Burrett was tried at the Old Bailey, where the medical evidence was so horrific that the judge ordered all women to leave the court. Burrett’s plea that he was provoked failed, and he was hanged on Wednesday, October 3rd, 1900, at Chelmsford Prison.