The mystery began just before midnight on Saturday, APRIL 8th, 1961, when the body of a 21-year-old Irish labourer named Patrick Mulligan was found in the gutter in the Sidbury district of Worcester. He had been stabbed through the heart after a fight in a nearby pub lavatory.

The police moved swiftly. On Monday morning three other labourers from Birmingham were charged with Mulligan’s murder. While they were in custody the public prosecutor had second thoughts, and decided not to proceed with the murder charge.

Instead, two of the three men were fined £50 each for assaulting another man on the night of the murder.

So who killed Paddy Mulligan? Scotland Yard were called in and a 39-year-old jobless man was arrested. Two witnesses identified him as Mulligan’s murderer.

“But I’ve never been to Worcester in my life before!” he protested. He was arraigned at Stafford Assizes but the judge withdrew the case from the jury before the final speeches, and the defendant was found not guilty and discharged. They never caught Paddy Mulligan’s murderer.