Eight months had passed without the Yorkshire Ripper striking again, but on FEBRUARY 5th, 1977, he claimed his third victim: 28-year-old Irene Richardson. Her body was found the next morning, lying face-down in a pool of blood in Soldier’s Field in Roundhay, Leeds.

The discovery was made by a jogger, who found the corpse covered by a coat. When this was removed Irene’s stomach was seen to have been ripped open. She had also been struck repeatedly on the head with a hammer, and she had stab wounds in her neck and throat. Her clothes had been ripped off, and her boots placed neatly beside her.

Following his arrest, Peter Sutcliffe told detectives: “I used the hammer and a Stanley knife on her. As she was crouching down, urinating on the grass, I hit her on the head at least two or three times. Then I lifted up her clothes and slashed her abdomen and throat.”