Serving with the RASC in the Suez Canal Zone, Acting Corporal Thomas Houghton, from Hull, fell in love with a Greek girl who worked for the army. The girl didn’t return his interest and even complained about his behaviour to Captain Herbert Mason. The officer ordered Houghton to stop stalking her.

Then, in February, 1952, came a mess party. The Greek girl was there, so was Captain Mason. During the evening the officer danced and smooched with the girl. Houghton was furious. He left the party, returned with a machine-gun and opened fire, injuring a number of people, before shooting dead the captain.

He was convicted of murder at his trial in Fayed in March and sentenced to death. His mother organised a petition signed by 40,000 people in Hull, but the War Office was unmoved. He was hanged on Tuesday, June 24th, 1952, by Albert Pierrepoint at a military prison near Cairo.