When bricklayer Albert Boddy, of Lane End Road, High Wycombe, went into the Hour Glass at Sands, he used to tell everyone he was in love with May Godby, 36, who was also a regular at the pub. May Godby was already married, however, and there was no evidence that she reciprocated Boddy’s romantic interest.

Still, they played darts, shove-ha’penny and dominoes together in the saloon bar and seemed to get on well enough. On MARCH 27th, 1937, a darts match was arranged, with Boddy partnering Mrs. Godby. Just before it was due to begin Boddy was heard to declare that she had “got another client” and didn’t want him. He left the Hour Glass in a huff, borrowed a gun from a friend, returned to the pub and, standing in the doorway of the saloon bar, shot Mrs. Godby at close range.

When a policeman arrived Boddy said, “There you are. That’s done it. I hope I haven’t killed her.”

But he had. At his trial the charge was reduced to manslaughter, and he was sentenced to three years’ penal servitude.