Keith Lewis, 39, an aircraft fitter and a scoutmaster, was fed up with his wife’s lover. He wrote in his diary, “This man will be the death of me.” The lover, John Williams, 55, was 16 years older than Mrs. Lewis, a nurse. She was, Lewis wrote in his diary, “a self-centred career girl.”

Lewis and Williams agreed to meet in Limington village near Yeovil. Villagers afterwards said they saw two men fighting in the street, then Williams collapsed. He has been stabbed 10 times with a Scout knife. Lewis was also badly injured from a blow on the head with a wheelbrace.

On Monday, DECEMBER 14th, 1964, Lewis’s plea to murder on the grounds of provocation was accepted. He was entitled to defend himself, said the judge, but he had “gone too far.” He was sent to prison for two years.