The man who strangled factory worker Sylvia Styles, 26, of Beech Avenue, Brentford, west London, used his left hand only. When her body was found on Tuesday, JANUARY 27th, 1948, she was fully-clothed, one glove still on her left hand, the other lying against a wall. There was no sexual assault.

The previous night Sylvia, a quiet, self-effacing woman, went to the cinema and was later seen getting off a trolley-bus in Brentford with a tall man. Later still, residents in the neighbourhood where she lived reported having heard sounds of a quarrel, but no one seems to have been curious enough to look further.

In fact, she had no known men friends beyond a certain “Danny,” about whom she talked a lot. He was thought to be a product of her imagination fuelled by her passion for Hollywood movies. He was never identified and probably had no existence in real life.