Jeremiah Brennan should never have married the girl who was many years his junior. His young wife Bridget soon tired of being an old man’s darling and fell in love with another man.

“What should I do about old Jeremiah?” she asked her friend Mary Palmer.

“Kill him,” replied Mary.

Bridget, aided by her lover, James Sullivan, got together a couple of helpers: Mary’s husband Bartholomew and another man named John Veals. Sullivan promised them £40 each to kill old Jeremiah, the satisfaction for him being that Bridget would be free to marry him.

So, on Saturday MAY 1st, 1830, Veals and Palmer ambushed Jeremiah on his journey into Kilgarven. Palmer seized him by the throat while Veals jumped on his back. Then they dragged him to the ground and strangled him.

When they heard the news Bridget and Mary danced with glee. They and James Sullivan then tried to get Veals and Palmer to swear that Jeremiah’s killer was Kerry Shea, a farmer they all detested.

But the two murderers refused to go along with this and Veals subsequently turned King’s evidence, revealing the guilt of James Sullivan, Bartholomew Palmer and the two women.

At the next assizes all four were sentenced to death for the murder.