A career in prostitution has always been a high-wire business, and for mother-of-two Sheila Anderson, on the game in Edinburgh, it had a horrific ending. What was left of her body was discovered by two CB radio enthusiasts on a track off West Shore Road in Granton on the Edinburgh coast on Thursday, April 7th, 1983.

Her terrible injuries were consistent with a car being run backwards and forwards over her body. Police thought that her death could have been a vice transaction that had gone badly wrong – but they have never had a suspect in mind and have never traced the car involved.

That car would be “a key piece of information,” according to a police spokesman who stressed that the case is still very much open.

Two vehicles were known to have been at the spot shortly before midnight. One was a white Rover seen travelling along the promenade just before midnight – it has since been traced and eliminated. After paint marks were found on Anderson’s body police began searching for a red car.

In May, 2004, police announced that the case was being reviewed in the light of new DNA advances.