John Pike, a cab-owner of Walworth, south London, was pleased with his new cab-washer, Patrick Molloy, 23, who lived with relatives in Trafalgar Street, Walworth. The lad was bright and enthusiastic, and always made a good job of washing the cabs.

Pike had no way of knowing that only three months previously Molloy had escaped from Colney Hatch Mental Asylum in Barnet. But he was to find out soon enough when, only a week after he hired Molloy, the daughter of the boss’s family, 11-year-old Caroline Pike, disappeared.

Two hours later her body was found in a room used by Molloy. She had been raped and mutilated with a razor, before and after death.

Molloy appeared at the Old Bailey on JULY 15th, 1909, just a month after the murder, where he was described as “quite insane.” He was sent to Broadmoor.