She ran a sauna in London’s Camden Town, she owned three houses, was extremely wealthy and her black book contained more than 200 names, including, so it was said, one judge, barristers, and TV personalities.

Police believe that on Saturday, June 23rd, 1990, Patricia “Lee” Parsons’ killer forced her to drive her Vauxhall Cabriolet from her home in Epping into Epping Forest, where she was shot three times in the head and neck with a crossbow. The surmise was that it was a contract killing, possibly to prevent the disclosure of names in a story to be told to a Sunday newspaper.

A friend said: “Lee was strikingly attractive. She loved her work and saw herself as a social worker on behalf of lonely men. She dressed to please them and relieved their fantasies.”

It was well paid, too. After their 42-year-old daughter’s murder, her parents received an Inland Revenue demand for £100,000.