It must be galling for the police to have a vital clue about a murder suspect and yet to have him slip through their fingers. Such surely happened in the case of elderly Oswald Walker, who owned a tool shop in Hull where, on Saturday March 14th, 1936, he was found beaten to death.

Mr. Walker was known always to carry two wallets. When his body was found, one was in his pocket, the other was missing.

Later that same night a lorry driver going to Doncaster gave a lift to a hitch-hiker and dropped him off at four in the morning. According to the lorry driver, the man was handling a wallet identical to the description of Mr. Walker’s, a description later circulated by police.

Who was he? He could have been responsible for two other unsolved murders in the area which have many features in common with the killing of Oswald Walker. But his identity remains a mystery. UK Murder Stories from True Crime Library.

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