As a result of national strike activity, the government put Britain’s workers on a three-day week in 1974, which was why 37-year-old Mrs. Kay O’Connor was home from work on Friday, MARCH 1st. That, and the fact that she lived in Wickham Road, Colchester, where everyone left their front doors unlocked or open, undoubtedly contributed to her death.

Taking advantage of the situation, her killer probably stalked Kay to her neat little home after seeing her collect her mother’s pension, entering by the back door. Shortly after that a neighbour heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. She peeped in and saw Kay lying in a pool of blood on the floor. Some of her clothing, including one of her brown suede boots, had been ripped off.

Kay had been kicked, punched and stabbed in a frenzied attack before being strangled. The attack was made with incredible swiftness, for she had no chance even to scream.