Four members of a Trinidad family were said to have insulted Dole Chadee, a local drugs baron – and for that they were brutally gunned down in 1994 by Chadee and his gang. But the gang – nine of them in all – were rounded up, tried for the murders, and sentenced to death.

They were Chadee himself, Joseph Ramiah, Ramkalawan Singh, Robin Gopaul, Russell Sankeralli, Clive Thomas, Bhag-Wandeen Singh, Joseph Ramsingh and Stephen Everseley.

The House of Lords in England, the final appeal court, had ruled that it would be unconstitutional to execute the nine men if they were on Death Row for more than five years. Determined not to be caught out of time, the Trinidad Government ordered them to be hanged in three batches on June 4th, 5th and 7th, 1999, at Port of Spain Prison.

According to the media the men died “hard” – there was much kicking and screaming on the gallows.