The search is still on in Norfolk for the Third Man – but he has nothing to do with Harry Lime. This Third Man may be the one who killed 16-year-old Norwich prostitute Natalie Pearman.

DNA checks showed that Natalie had unprotected vaginal sex with at least three different men on the evening she died, Friday, November 20th, 1992. Two were traced, and police claim that the DNA profile of the third, who had sex with Natalie between 1 a.m. and 3.45 a.m. that night, was their best chance of catching her killer.

Two years after the murder Detective Chief Inspector Bernie Kerrison said: “The third man is almost certainly Natalie’s killer – or at least he knows who killed her.” The case was re-opened in September, 2004.

The new inquiry is led by Detective Chief Inspector Christine Wilson, with a team of experts, including an offender profiler. If the new team can find a DNA match, the chances of that person not being the sample donor would be one billion to one.