Iranian political activist Muvakkar-el-Sdultananch plotted to overthrow the Shah of Persia, and was twice hounded out of the country. But when he returned to the capital, Teheran, in January, 1910, he was arrested and charged with high treason. According to the charge sheet he was “intriguing against the constitution,” and for this he was tried and sentenced to death on January 26th.

The execution was carried out the next day, Thursday, January 27th, 1910, with “revolting brutality” according to a report in The Times.

As the noose was being put around his neck the condemned man was mercilessly beaten with rifle butts by soldiers who were surrounding the hastily built scaffold. The trap-door opened but the drop was too short and el-Sdultananch died a horrific death, fighting for his life for the next five minutes.

The execution was heavily criticised throughout Europe as discrediting a country ambitious to become a democracy.