August 15th is celebrated as national liberation day in South Korea – the day the country was freed from Japanese rule. This was the day chosen in 1974 by Japanese assassin Mun See Kwang to kill the South Korean president, Park Chung Hee. But the bullets fired by the gunman were deflected by the president’s bulletproof vest on to his wife, fatally injuring her.

Kwang had entered Korea on a false passport and was a member of the Korean youth league, which opposed President Park’s pro-West and anti-North Korean policy. Claiming to be in the pay of the North Korean Government, he was sentenced to death and hanged on Friday, December 20th, 1974.

Members of his own secret service, which believed that his pro-West reforms were collapsing, later assassinated President Park, in October 1979. In May 1980, the head of the Korean secret service and four other agents were hanged for his murder. Worldwide Hangings from True Crime Library.

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