On MAY 30th, 1953, 65-year-old Henry John Tandy was found battered to death

In his bungalow at Orsett, in Essex. His wife Honor had also been attacked, but eventually made a full recovery.

The police soon learned of a young man the couple had befriended,
and within 24 hours George James Newland, 21, was interviewed at his Walthamstow home. Detectives found a cheque made out in the name of H.J.Tandy, and when confronted with this, Newland said: “Yes, I did it. But I don’t want Mum to know. I was in a bit of trouble and I wanted some money badly to buy a new suit.”

At Grays police station he made a statement, saying he had gone to the bungalow with his father’s hammer in a paper bag. He attacked Mrs. Tandy first, and then her husband, taking about £8 and something in an envelope.

“I am sorry I did this,” his statement concluded. “What really got into my mind was a cosh boy picture I saw. It just got into my mind and I thought of them two.”

At his trial at Chelmsford Assizes he pleaded not guilty, his defence claiming he was insane. But there was no evidence of this, the principal medical officer of Brixton Prison told the court, and Newland was convicted.

“The jury have returned the only verdict which, on the evidence, was open to them and have found you guilty of the most shocking murder,” Mr. Justice Streatfeild told him, sentencing him to death.

And on December 23rd, 1953, Newland was hanged by Albert Pierrepoint and Harry B. Allen.