Two Sikhs living in Australia and earning their livings by selling goods from a market stall fell out when one of them, Lollie Kaiser Singh, couldn’t find an article on the stall and accused his partner, Sunda Singh, of stealing it. Angered by Sunda’s denials, Lollie picked up an axe and rained fatal blows down on Sunda’s head.

The incident happened in October, 1899 in Denial Bay, South Australia, and Lollie Singh was promptly arrested. At his trial in December it was pleaded in his defence that he was insane. The prosecution, however, claimed that incidents cited as insanity were in reality the product of the two Sikhs’ heavy drinking.

The jury took only 20 minutes to find Lollie Singh guilty of murder. He was hanged in Adelaide Prison on Wednesday, January 17th, 1900.