A burglar cut through the double-glazed patio window at a luxury Radnage, Buckinghamshire, house, using a special device that caused the glass to collapse soundlessly. Shortly afterwards the owner, Mrs. Janet Brown, 51, disturbed him.

Next day, Monday, APRIL 10th, 1995, her naked body was found in the hallway. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and the house keys were under her body. The house was not ransacked and nothing was stolen.

The post-mortem revealed that Mrs. Brown was beaten “with considerable violence” and handcuffed before death, possibly to allow the burglar free run of the house. It was presumed that she was naked because she was preparing to go to bed at the moment the intruder arrived.

The house was up for sale at the time and the family were planning to move to Switzerland where the victim’s husband was working at the time of the murder.

A police theory was that the killer was a local man who might have been recognised by Mrs. Brown – the possible reason why he chose to murder her, suffocating her by using masking tape that covered her nose and mouth. But nobody was ever caught.