Prostitutes appear to enjoy colourful nicknames in their locale. For Carbolic Kate, now read Irish Kit, the name by which Kathleen Higgins was known. She was 77 but still, amazingly, an active prostitute.

She was found in Regent’s Park, London, on the morning of Saturday, March 12th, 1949. Her knickers lay over the lower part of her legs. There had been an attempt at sexual intercourse before her attacker strangled her with a scarf.

For three days no one could identify her. One man thought it might be his mother, but she turned out to be alive and well at home. A woman wrote to the police saying she had dreamed about the murder. When it was realised the victim was Irish Kit, police went to her Camden Town home, only to find her partner, John Murphy, in hospital with stomach ulcers.

Irish Kit left the British Flag pub in Newcourt Street, St. John’s Wood, at about 7.30 p.m. on March 11th and wasn’t seen alive again.

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