Farmer Joseph Swaine, 62, lay all afternoon and the following night, seriously injured and slowly bleeding to death in a toilet cubicle. His false teeth had fallen to the floor under the door and not knowing he was in the cubicle someone picked them up and put them on a shelf above a urinal. A cleaner found Mr. Swaine’s crumpled body on Thursday, March 24th, 1932.

The farmer, “a quiet, inoffensive little chap” who lived at Wharfedale, had been robbed of his wallet and cheque book at Skipton, Yorkshire, cattle market after going to the toilet to be sick. Mr. Swaine’s fianc?e said that he often carried a large amount of money with him, leading police to believe that he was murdered by one of the gangs of pickpockets who were haunting local gatherings. UK Murder Stories from True Crime Library.

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