Stalybridge in Greater Manchester was seething with industrial action centred on the local brickfield in the early summer of 1862, and the brick workers were in destructive mood. Led by John Ward, 30, and Michael Burke, 36, a group of men armed with guns and sticks descended on Clifford’s Brickyard, whose owners didn’t recognise the Bricklayers’ Union, determined to destroy it.

Having done some damage, the men set off back to their homes, when two policemen confronted them. One of the bricklayers fired at a distance of only three yards at Police Constable William Jump -– and he died of his wound within minutes.

Wadding used in a pistol and found at the scene had the name Burke on it, and when Burke was arrested he told police that John Ward had fired the fatal shot. Both men were convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Burke was subsequently reprieved and transported to Australia, while Ward was hanged on Saturday, September 13th, 1862, with William Taylor (see above) outside Kirkdale Prison.