Murder is a pretty rare thing in Jersey. You have to go back a long, long way – in this case, right back to 1901, when George Albert, a prosperous butcher trading in Market Street in the island’s capital of St. Helier, wasn’t getting on too well with his wife. Several times he was brought before the court for knocking her about. Things came to a head on Saturday night, JULY 18th, when a male customer went into the shop. Before Mrs. Albert could serve him her husband ordered the man out.

When Mrs. Albert protested her husband went berserk. He picked up the nearest knife and stabbed her 12 times. She staggered out into Market Street calling for help, but died on the way to hospital.

There was no need of a gallows for George Albert at the island’s Newgate Prison, for he used the same knife to slit his throat. Next day, Sunday, a coroner’s jury decided that he had committed suicide after “mortally wounding” his wife.