Marriage problems bedevilled Malcolm Roach. He was 34, a painter and decorator of Leyton, east London, and he had met his wife Rose, a NAAFI canteen worker, while he was in England, serving with the Canadian Air Force.

The problem for Roach was that he was insanely jealous. The couple returned to Canada for a period after the war and when Roach complained that his wife was associating with other men he shot himself in the chest but survived. Back in England he used to take her to work and wait for her at the end of the day.

Rose’s patience finally snapped on FEBRUARY 16th, 1949, when she told Roach that she was leaving him. He struck her with an exercise dumbbell, strangled her with a silk stocking, then walked to Leyton police station to tell the duty sergeant: “I am a Canadian. You will be looking for me presently. I have killed my wife.”

At his trial for murder it was stated that Mrs. Roach had a boyfriend but that no intimacy had taken place. Roach was found guilty but his death sentence was later reduced to prison for life.